Gazelli Café Catering
Gazelli Café Catering
«Your event is supported by our cuisine!»

Following all the European catering traditions, Gazelli Café can provide catering for different kinds of events.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure maximum fulfillment of our customers' ideas and wishes.

We taste and design a menu to suit the event's concept, render a high-level service, skillfully serve meals prepared by experienced Gazelli Cafe chefs, and ensure maximum catering convenience. Catering by Gazelli Cafe is a range of high-quality services provided during your event.
Chef’s table
The incredible atmosphere, interesting details, exquisite taste solutions, and unforgettable gastronomic experiences - Chef's Table is perfect for corporate evenings, presentations, vibrant celebrations, business meetings, and significant gatherings with friends and loved ones.
BINGO! with Gazelli Café Catering
We are glad to offer you a catering service from Gazelli Café with the option to hold a themed "BINGO!" game with interesting contests run by a talented host and nice gifts from Gazelli House.

Within this service, you will be able to immerse into the ambiance of an exciting game hosted by Rufat Khalafov, enjoy signature drinks from our bartenders, taste delicious dishes prepared by Gazelli Café chef Timur Pivkin and spend an unforgettable time amongst your loved ones.
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