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BINGO – Hawaii

«And we all say "Aloha!"»

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands of the fiftieth state, called in no other way but the 'Land of Aloha' or the 'land of love.' Gorgeous beaches on the Pacific coast, mountain ranges with volcanoes, dense jungle, majestic palm trees, soft sand, mysterious underwater landscapes, bizarre fish of the most daring colors and shapes, and various exotic flowers and fruits. 

It is believed that a trip to Hawaii can qualify as a turning point in your life since it will make you come back as a completely different person. As Bruno Mars said, "Hawaii is paradise. There is music floating in the air." 

On June 15, as part of our favorite game "BINGO!," we were transported to a tropical island
together with the guests. The surprises we found there ranged from the traditional game of Limbo, interesting contests, a bright photo zone, and celaborate decorations to the fabulous outfits of our guests.          

As soon as guests arrive and see Hawaiian leis and hear the traditional 'Aloha!' greeting at the door, they get immersed in the magical atmosphere of a tropical oceanfront party!