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There's lots of the latest news at Gazelli House!

A consultation with an astrologer

You can now visit the office of Vedic astrologer, Astro-psychologist, and destiny seeker Nigar Asker on the second floor of our House. She has mastered several top astrology schools, successfully completed her Academy studies, has over 1000 birth charts and has five years of active counselling experience.

"I guide a person to the best of my ability according to their horoscope. I work with people who want to understand their nature, their challenges and change their lives".

All lovers of Latin American dance, please take note of the following

The Gazelli House begins to accept groups of beginners. Program: Salsa and bachata. Classes for beginners will take place at the following times: (Salsa) Tuesday-Thursday at 20:00, Wednesday-Friday at 19:00; (Bachata) Monday-Friday at 20:00, Saturday-Sunday at 17:00

Reforma Studio has some exciting news

The Pilates studio has new equipment on the reformer: a chair, a ladder barrel, and a spine corrector. This means more classes, useful exercises, and techniques to improve your figure and posture! Just what you need for the summer.

A secret: the studio's instructors have recently completed all 6 levels of Pilates training and are now preparing for the international exam. Let's wish them luck!

Our Aroma Coach has successfully completed her new training

We stopped by to find out the details!

"I have completed the Ayurvedic School of Essential Oils and the Chakra System. The connection between oils and chakras has always seemed magical to me and after studying the subject, I fell in love with different techniques of working with oils and finding out in detail how an oil can help balance a chakra. With this knowledge, you can help yourself to resolve many issues, especially those relating to self-confidence, abundance, and dealing with society. Have you booked an appointment?

Have you heard the news?

Recently, Afag Barkhudayeva, a top stylist at Z.Baydar.Lab, took new trichologist-aesthetic courses. Now you can not only have your hair styled, coloured, or cut but also deal with the problems that cause discomfort: dryness, itchiness, dandruff, flaking, and hair loss.