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Every Wednesday, the Gazelli Café hosts a 'BINGO!' themed game.

Every Wednesday, the Gazelli Café hosts a 'BINGO!' themed game.
After each round of bingo, a bright host entertains our guests with contests, quizzes, and games of logical thinking.  And the winners receive interesting gifts from Gazelli House and invited sponsors.

All gifts match the chosen theme such as art, love, astrology, and history... At the Gazelli Café, every Wednesday turns into a little Friday!

"We are the first ones in our city to do something like this. 'BINGO!' endows participants with a sense of excitement and new vibrant emotions. Immersed in the game atmosphere, guests take their seats at the tables, enjoying delicious food, and incredible drinks. It's very invigorating as they come to try their luck and get awards, and compete with each other! During 'BINGO!', I offer the guests to try two other games: a musical and an intellectual one. In addition to luck and fortune, players can also test their logical thinking.

Quite often we add innovations such as new games, riddles, and contests for manual dexterity, quick action, sensitivity, and memory. A magic atmosphere reigns every Wednesday during a game at the Gazelli Café. It's like getting together in a family circle to spend time with your loved ones at the cottage. It's cozy, warm, tasty, interesting, and fun!" says Rufat Khalafov, host of the 'BINGO!' game.