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Interview with Timur Pivkin, Gazelli Café's chef

Interview with Timur Pivkin, Gazelli Café's chef, about the start of his career, the distinctive features of the Gazelli Café, and his culinary favorites.
"The most important thing in any job is diligence, responsibility, and a genuine passion for what you do," says chief chef Timur Pivkin of Gazelli Café. With over 20 years of experience in cooking and multiple gold medals won at international culinary competitions, awarded with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ISO22000 (system of international standards), and Food Safety (level 3) certificates, he is in love with the job of his life as he keeps learning new things, experimenting with flavors and combinations, reaching new heights in his chosen field, and delighting Gazelli Café guests with incredible dishes.

During our conversation, Timur told us about the beginning of his journey, the history of his favorite dishes, and the novelties of Gazelli Café.

About himself
The first time I stepped into a kitchen was at a very young age. As a young and inexperienced person, I faced distrust from my experienced colleagues from the very first days of my career. However, I had something that set me apart from others: my unwavering zeal, diligence, and passion. These qualities enabled my promotion: I became a cook after only two months of working as an apprentice. Just a couple of months later, I became the chief chef of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan project. I was in charge of an entire kitchen under the age of 17. I understood that it was too early for me to have assumed such a huge responsibility, but that's just the way things turned out. While working, I continued to study at the cook's college, and after graduating, I received a fourth-grade diploma as a pastry chef.

Before cooking, I graduated from the Republican Olympic Sports Lyceum. It was my sports background that gave me the internal discipline that helped me later on in my career. During my early childhood, I dreamed of becoming a software developer and enjoyed mathematics. My interest in this field has provided me with a flexible way of thinking and the ability to focus on details.

I continuously learn new things and take part in various projects and contests, acting as a juror. So, one of the first contests I participated in took place in Istanbul. As part of this competition, I won three medals at once: gold, bronze, and silver, and also acquired accreditation. Not so long ago, I decided to complete additional education: I entered and graduated from the University of Economics, Faculty of Hotel Management and Restaurant Business.

About Gazelli Café and the new menu
One of our café's major distinctive features is that we produce all products on our own: from baking bread and pastries to making sauces. We have our own pastry shop and bakery.

With the arrival of a new season, we update the menu with various new products.
In the lead-up to summer, we've changed almost 60% of our menu, leaving a few favorites for our guests. New options for breakfast, desserts, and hot dishes. So, the breakfast menu will include 'lazy dumplings' with sour cream and condensed sauce, and the 'desserts' section will have a new unusual feature: a mirrored tray with sweets of our own making on it.

"My favorite item on our menu is ..."
...Chicken liver with pear! That is for sure. It's an incredible combination of flavors; there's nothing like it anywhere else. The idea for 'chicken liver with pear' occurred to me during the pandemic and quarantine restrictions. While staying at home, I continually experimented, looking for new flavor combinations and solutions. As a fan of chicken liver, I knew that many people didn't like the taste of it. The idea of combining chicken liver with pear, raspberry vinegar, and natural agave syrup came to me quite by accident. It turned out to be a real culinary masterpiece!

About Gazelli House
For me, Gazelli House is a place one would not want to leave. It's like a separate little world in which everyone feels comfortable and cozy. It always welcomes creativity, new ideas, initiatives, and growth. This is very important.