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New desserts at Gazelli Cafe

How often have you wondered, “Who is behind all the desserts and dishes at Gazelli Cafe?” A friendly team of professionals - true lovers of their craft under the leadership of Chef Timur Pivkin stands behind every culinary masterpiece. Our team is continuously learning, developing, exploring unusual taste solutions, and conquering new heights. Thus, this November, our talented confectioners went to St. Petersburg to adopt Pastry Chef Aleksandr Kislitsyn’s experience. As part of the internship, they learned culinary secrets and unusual recipes, and returned full of inspiration and vivid impressions, ready to create culinary masterpieces for our guests.

Supreme Croissant is a sweet new hit that will win your heart! This is a culinary eco-product with a natural quality composition and unusual components, prepared according to a secret recipe and having no analogs in the city.

The delicate Croissant Supreme with Pistachio, impressive Croissant Supreme with Ruby Chocolate, rich Croissant Supreme with Chocolate-Almond Praline, Croissant Supreme with Vanilla Cream, or airy Croissant Supreme with Lotus Cream.

What would you choose?

We also wish to present our new themed desserts you won’t be able to take your eyes off: Frosty Bites with pistachio cake, delicate mousse cream, and raspberry and lime filling, and Winter Wonder, every component of which is made of natural chocolate with peanuts, caramel, and cream cheese.

We can also treat proper nutrition fans with a new dietary dessert - Coffee Delight, created according to the signature recipe without lactose, gluten, and sugar.