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The chef of Gazelli Café shared his impressions from the trip to Italy

"As the great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi said, "You can take the whole world for yourself, but leave me Italy.""

I traveled through the cities of sunny Italy in order to get a portion of inspiration, gain experience, learn even more secrets of Italian cuisine, and absorb the knowledge of the masters of Michelin restaurants.

Throughout the trip, each day I visited new towns and new restaurants. I visited Terasini in the province of Palermo, the city of Catania on the east coast of the island of Sicily, in Castellammare di Stabia, in Alcamo, and in Taormina.

I visited an olive oil factory that is more than 120 years old, walked around the colorful local markets, and tasted Italian street food. I interned at the Michelin restaurant Josepe Coste, learned the cuisine from the inside, cooked together with local culinary masters, and got an incredible experience and impression.

Italy represents emotions, bright colors, passion for life, and for one's skills. As each dish is served, guests are told ancient stories about the creation of Italian masterpieces that reveal the uniqueness of flavours. This special attitude is vividly felt and immensely inspiring. Italian masters are very reverent about everything they create. This has encouraged me to love our business even more and to be even more reverent about everything we create in our kitchens.

It is invaluable to broaden my horizons and gain new impressions and knowledge.

After returning from my trip, I was very inspired to create a new menu to share my impressions with our guests through new dishes".